C3 for Dummies

The absolute basics - C3 for Dummies:

  • Plates are $110.00 each. 
  • You need about 35µL of protein for an initial plate, then 25µL for every subsequent plate (96 droplets)
  • A sample calculator is available
  • You need 10 mL of base condition per additive plate
  • You can have 1 or 2 samples per plate.  Only one screen per plate.
  • If you have no idea about where to start, try the 1-Click Screening option
  • Protein should be given to C3 in a 1.6 mL Eppendorf tube with no tape on it

We have condensed all Frequently Asked Questions and links to common protocols in this section.

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If you're new to structural biology then we strongly recommend that you browse some of the suggested text books.

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