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OPERATION FORMULATRIX kicks off Friday 20th May 2016

  • C3's old 8C imager will be decommissioned on Friday 20th; new 8C imager installed the following week
  • 8C Imaging will NOT happen during the transition, plates will be stored temporarily at 4C
  • When this swap is complete, we do the same for the 20C imager
  • Everything else is unaffected (nanodrop bookings, Tecan bookings, DSF etc)

Recommended viewing software for C3 (now renamed) - See3

  • Find, Scan, Score, Sort, Recipes and Reporting  (History now works as well!)
  • HOWEVER optimisation still requires CTWeb

Cinder:  Mobile Image Analysis Tool

  • Score while you wait!  Learn to Score with the Cinder Kinder Feature
  • Download now on Google Play or iOS App Store - suggestions about development welcome

MELTDOWN: Auto analysis of protein stability experiments

  • This work was completed by our UROP interns from the University of Melbourne
  • The product, Meltdown, is fully integrated into our fee-for-service DSF process

pHeuRistic - what colour is your pH?

  • High-throughput pH analysis for blocks made in C3

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